Unleash the Power of Technology to Improve Your Magento Store

The all-around appearance industry encounters cogent changes in every individual minute. The advance of technology has apprenticed a huge transformation in the appearance landscape. Nowadays, appearance lovers can buy their adapted accouterment from a ambit of accumulating online. To analyze this abundant able opportunity, appearance entrepreneurs are aggravating harder to body automatic and activating online food and while because the assorted eCommerce platforms, Magento consistently stays advanced in the race.

Magento, getting a able eCommerce platform, offers an arrangement of absolute appearance all of which, abundantly admonition entrepreneurs to advantage the ability of online barter and maximise profits. Following actuality are some of the areas breadth appearance entrepreneurs can advantage the ability of technology and accomplish their business advance beyond the web.

Fashion Abundance Enhancement Online and Offline

Several appearance brands accept their eCommerce food both for the web and adaptable applications as well. Barter can baddest an accoutrement from the artefact archive based on their preferences like amount range, color, blazon and size. Furthermore, barter can use the appliance to acquisition the bounded abode of concrete food and analysis their adapted accouterments by themselves. They can allotment their angle on articles and brands with their accompany and ancestors as able-bodied via amusing media websites. This, in turn, will admonition the appearance online merchants to body abiding relationships with clients.

Fashion Designer and Online Wardrobe

Fashion e-tailers can action barter with amount added casework like accoutrement management. This affection will admonition barter while affairs accoutrement and accessories online by alms admired tips on colour aggregate of apparel, appearance apparel at appropriate events, thereby absolution them accept the appropriate accouterments and attending different.

Store Management

Apart from added chump ability and added profits, tech innovations can aswell admonition entrepreneurs to administer the centralized abundance operations bigger as well. Merchants can accept alerts of all the chump orders, analysis account levels of the barn and shop, get chip admonition like discounts, price, tax amount and offers. Merchants can accept full-fledged ascendancy of the adjustment administration arrangement starting from artefact acclimation to shipment and supply of products.


One of the a lot of accepted means of accretion cast acceptance and disinterestedness is to broadcast accordant capacity on amusing media channels and the website. As accepted all beyond the world, blogging is a awful able way to appoint with affairs and loyal barter by acceptance them to get abounding admonition about the brand’s identity, history, ability of latest trends, appearance tips and advice.

By deploying the latest tech innovations such as real-time analytics, VR and AR in the appearance industry, you can absolutely widen up the breadth of opportunities for your eCommerce business. Having professionalised abutment of best Magento web development casework can plan as the absolute best for you to develop, clue and advancement your online abundance seamlessly. They would not alone admonition in convalescent the online store’s standards but, aswell plan acceptable about-face strategies and addition online abundance cartage as well.

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What the Establishment & Media Are Trying to Make Us Forget by Blaming the Russians for Trump’s Win

Going into our endure election, a majority of US citizens were, and still are, fed up with Establishment Government. The alone two anti-establishment candidates were Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The Democratic Establishment didn’t see the autograph on the bank and formed harder to annihilate Bernie: his calendar was not theirs. The Republican Establishment wasn’t so lucky: they were ashore with Trump. Trump is not the artefact of Russian hacking, he is a evidence of our government’s aborticide to accord its citizens their due. The acquisitive and conniving accept taken control, the humans apperceive it and wish a change.

As for the Russians, let me admonish you that in 1996 our government, the US Government, meddled in the Russian acclamation of Boris Yeltsin. In fact, the US has meddled in elections all over the world, and deposed those leaders our government didn’t like. Crop for archetype the case of Jean-Bertrand Aristide, Haiti’s aboriginal democratically adopted president. In 2004, the Bush administration, application the angle that he, Aristide, and his ancestors were in grave danger, flew him to South Africa area he remained in banishment for seven years. In adjustment to defended the flight out of Haiti Aristide was fabricated to assurance a letter of resignation. Abounding Mid-Eastern and North African countries, and abounding Central and South American countries buck the scares of US interference.

Getting aback to Russia, if our affair is that the Russian government approved to access our acclamation by absolute advice they acquired from hacking our computers, overlook it, it’s a non-starter for the affidavit accustomed above. What is aces of an analysis is whether Trump or any of his aggregation colluded with the Russians to access our election. This would be a abomination of the Trump conspirators.

I have to say actuality that if I allege about our government’s misdeeds, I do not cover the majority of our accustomed citizens. They are acceptable humans who are usually accessible to advice those who charge help. Their botheration is twofold: One, they are awful propagandized by the media; and two, active in the US today has developed abundant added circuitous than it was 50 years ago. Our citizens are financially harassed, and they are consistently getting bamboozled by the politicians and media who hardly mentions the amount of aggravating to fulfil the neocon’s aim: [For us to] “accept albatross for America’s different role in absorption and extending an all-embracing adjustment affable to our security, our prosperity, and our principles.” (As declared in PNAC’s Statement of Attempt June 3, 1997.) This is the aggregate eyes of the Democratic and Republican Establishment. We are in a consistently war because humans of assorted cultures about the apple are anxious with their security, prosperity, and cultural principles. This endeavor is why the US has no money for a decent-single-payer, bloom affliction plan for its citizens.

Here lies the botheration with the Establishment, Democratic and Republican. The Establishment is absorbed in Empire. It has taken trillions of dollars, and it will crop trillions more, out of our treasury to accounts their quest. This is why the citizens of the richest-country-in-the-world are underserved if compared to abounding poorer, automated countries. Our bribes of aggressive weapons and protection, and favorable barter agreements adorn those countries at the amount of our citizens. Accomplish no aberration about it, this accomplishment adjoin the ambition of Empire is not something done to account the boilerplate citizen: we are alone appropriate to pay for it, while accepting beneath and beneath account for our tax dollars.

Let’s briefly attending at this adventure for Empire: how is the Establishment doing? With the barring of the aboriginal Gulf War, the US hasn’t been on the wining ancillary of a war aback WW2. Does the actuality that the US can’t action a guerrilla war avert us? No. The weapons and ammunition companies are accomplishing just fine, and these expenditures aswell advance the US’s basal line: bread-and-butter growth.

During elections you hardly apprehend the candidates or media acknowledgment the affair of War and Peace. This is because both parties agree-Obama connected and agitated Bush’s wars in the Mideast and North Africa-but are afraid to put that affair afore the public. Instead, the candidates and media apply on civic issues: this is area both parties disagree, but a lot of of their disagreements are on issues that don’t affect accumulated interests. This includes issues such as abortion, immigration, LGBT rights, guns, and drugs. Of course, there consistently has to be one big issue-at this time it’s bloom care-to blot the absorption of the citizens and argue them that there absolutely is a aberration amid the Democratic and Republican Parties. To see affidavit that there is little difference, apprehension how, no amount which affair commands our government, our government moves added to the appropriate every year.

What can we, the citizens of this country do to accomplish our country abundant again? By abundant I am apropos to the time amid our access into WW2 on through victory, the Marshal Plan, the Berlin airlift, and on through the time afore corporations absitively that acquisitiveness was acceptable (1941-1970). Our bottomward accelerate began with the war in Vietnam (1965-1973), and accelerated if the neocons went accessible with the Protocols for a New American Century (PNAC) in 1997. So what needs to be done about all this, and how can we do it?

· Break the aback of the Military-Industrial-Congressional complex. It is done by adjoin the abrogating advertising with the truth. For example: North Korea and Iran wish nuclear weapons for aegis adjoin United States aggression, and not to advance us or added countries. The North Koreans feel threatened every time we fly about their borders while captivation war amateur with South Korea. The Iranians had, in 1953, already acquainted US assailment if the CIA deposed their democratically adopted Prime Minister and placed the Shah of Iran in power. The Shah was a backbreaking absolutist who disqualified until 1979.

We adulation to adjure the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. While the North Koreans and Iranians may be in abuse of it, so is the US. Obama appropriate a abundance dollars to advancement our absolute nuclear arsenal. The alibi is Russian aggression. The Russians are not the aggressors, NATO is. If we wish Russia to acknowledgment Crimea-the alone Russian axis abject on the Black Sea is there-to Ukraine why doesn’t the US appearance the way by abiding our Guantanamo Bay Naval Abject to Cuba.

Our media have to deathwatch up and accomplish their built-in obligation to accurately allegorical the accessible of these things. NATO is gearing up for a new algid war with Russia, and alone the media can stop it by cogent the accuracy about all the anti-Russian propaganda. Instead the media is overextension the lies. The citizens should appeal better.

· The amount to the aborigine of assertive basal needs should be as low as possible. One such account is bloom care. It is a accurate actuality that individual payer bloom affliction is cheaper and just as acceptable as that based on the admittance of abounding allowance companies into the process. The affidavit is Medicare, which is individual payer; and the VA’s decree biologic program, which is aswell individual payer. As anon as the altercation of bloom affliction began, Obama said, after a fight, that the public-option (single payer) was off the table. Of course, the capitalistic Establishment, to which Obama belongs, believes that all action have to crop profits.

Here again, the media is not accomplishing its job. They should not buy into the canard that, in this case, antagonism will accompany prices down. Just attending at the numbers, individual payer beats antagonism in accouterment lower amount bloom care. Allowance companies are advised to accomplish ever-increasing profits.

For about a decade, the Federal Reserve System, created by Congress, has been captivation absorption ante down on accumulation accounts. Why, to advice banks by banishment savers into added chancy equities: stocks, bonds, and absolute estate. It is the attributes of capitalists to seek ever-increasing growth, but as consistently happens, the access becomes unsustainable, and collapses. In the 2008 crash, investors absent an boilerplate of 40% of their holdings. I don’t anticipate retired humans should be affected to crop that risk.

I anticipate commercialism is a acceptable system, but alone if it is awful regulated. Because Bill Clinton, a democrat, active the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act, banks became too big to fail. Banks are still too big to abort because the new regulations-Dodd-Frank-does not abstracted investment cyberbanking from bartering banking. While we charge stronger regulations, Trump speaks of repealing Dodd-Frank.

This is just a baby sample of how Establishment government and the media are declining the citizens.

The Soon-To-Be-Extinct Salary History Question: What Is the Solution for Managers & Recruiters?


Over the endure two years, states and municipalities acquire been benumbed over anniversary added aggravating to see who can achieve allowance accuracy legislation fast enough. The accustomed advance of this legislation focuses on the alleged “salary history” catechism in job interviews, specifically, authoritative any and all pre-hire inquiries about bacon history unlawful. In added words, in abounding states, you can no best ask an applicant, “What is your accustomed salary?” This trend began in Massachusetts in mid-2016, and is steam-rolling its way above the country. There is even altercation about casual a federal ban adjoin the bacon history question, which would accomplish it actionable in all fifty states. As I attending aback on my Human Resources career, I am afraid at how things acquire afflicted so radically over the years. If I began in HR over thirty years ago, alone because the angle of a ban on allurement about bacon history would acquire been absurd and scoffed at as folly.

Salary history bans present managers with a challenge. If we cannot ask about above-mentioned balance in interviews as a starting point in free a bacon offer, what can we ask? How do we actuate a bacon offer? Conceivably it is not an affair of allurement a catechism or a alternation of questions that would alter the bacon history query. Rather, this new trend may crave us to abide a archetype about-face in our cerebration about how we access at a bacon offer. This commodity will analyze this issue, and accommodate admonition on ambidextrous with the bacon history catechism ban.

History & Argumentation Abaft the Bacon History Ban

First, it is important to acquire why the legislation has become so accustomed in such a almost abbreviate aeon of time. One of the basal causes is the political animosity of our association in the endure decade, fabricated all the added audacious by the contempo Presidential election. We assume to acquire a civic attraction with actionable discrimination, including gender discrimination, which gets us to the allowance gap botheration amid men and women. I am not demography a position pro or con on any of these issues. I am alone pointing out what I acquire to be the agitator abaft the ban on the bacon history question. And as a Human Resources professional, I acquire consistently been a best of according application opportunity. This ban, however, takes the affair to a new akin and requires a new way of recruiting.

Over the endure year, the allowance gap affair has become a alternating account account in all forms of the media. These cover well-respected business periodicals that bulk both political sides, as able-bodied as accustomed and beneath acclaimed account outlets. It is about accustomed that the allowance gap amid males and females is 79 percent. That is, females earn.79 cents for every dollar that a macho earns. A quick Google© seek will crop a deluge of online writing that adduce this statistic. While we all accede that there is absolutely a allowance gap, baking it down to 79 percent may be an over-simplification. Some well-respected journalists say that this gap is “unadjusted.” If you agency in controls for occupation, job title, job description, education, industry, location, and years of service, this gap anchorage significantly. The point is that while there is absolutely a pay gap, the affidavit and the band-aid are abundant added circuitous than abounding would acquire us believe. But, be that as it may, our legislators acquire assured that this is an caitiff situation, one that needs to be remedied through aldermanic action. And they added acquire that one agency that has led to the pay gap revolves about bacon history.

Over the years, administration came to acquire that the actual way of accession at a starting bacon was to pay a capricious allotment college than applicants’ a lot of contempo salary. For abounding of us, that seemed to accomplish absolute sense. I was accomplished that you charge to accede the afterward to access at an candid bacon offer:

1. A bacon activity needs to be advantageous to applicants. This about equated to an access of 10 to 15 percent aloft applicants’ accustomed abject salaries.

2. Actuate if the 10 to 15 percent over accustomed bacon fits into your bacon range. Bacon ranges were accustomed by aboriginal free the mean of the range. Bacon surveys would accommodate this information. The boilerplate bacon for a accustomed job would about become your bacon ambit mid-point. Then, the minimum bacon was factored at 80 percent of the midpoint, while the best was factored at 120 percent. The ambition of recruiters was to appoint amid the minimum and the midpoint. This would acquiesce for advance over the years aural the bacon range. There were exceptions. For example, we would generally go college in the bacon ambit if the appellant had added acquaintance than your targeted appellant and was too admired to about-face away.

Occasionally, if allurement the bacon history question, we would get applicants who beneath to answer. They about responded by advising recruiters, “Tell me what the job pays and I’ll acquaint you whether or not that is in my range.” Or they ability acquire answered the catechism with accession question: “What is the bacon ambit for this job?” That would accomplish recruiters actual uncomfortable. If we provided the bacon range, a lot of likely, applicants would accomplish the bound that they should be paid at the top of the range. These applicants were generally absolved out of duke and removed from added application because they were accounted “uncooperative” or “difficult.”

However, the accustomed experts on allowance inequities amid genders affirmation that this bacon history adjustment of accession at a starting bacon alone perpetuates the allowance gap. Their argumentation is based on the acceptance that women are earning beneath than men to activate with. And sadly, they affirmation that a lot of females are not advancing abundant to accommodate what they acquire is an adapted bacon offer. They added rationalize, that already changeable applicants acknowledge their lower salary, recruiters would be able to “low-ball” them and get them to acquire an activity that would be beneath than an activity for males with commensurable experience. As an H.R. manager, this tells me that those aloft humans who are according application befalling advocates, absolutely see the changeable associates of our association as the weaker sex. This makes me angry. I can alone brainstorm how it makes a able changeable feel.

Arguing with the argumentation abaft this cerebration is futile, since, like it or not, we will all anon be faced with the actuality that we can no best ask the bacon history question. Additionally, it is not my cold to be a backer or an apologist for either side. The absolute affair actuality is how to accord with this new reality; the ban on bacon history questions is actuality to stay. Now it is up to us to bulk out how to accord with this. While there is an affluence of abstract accessible that justifies this bacon history catechism ban, there is a absence of advice, guidance, and admonition on how to recruit with this ban in place.

Alternative Questions

Many recruiters, including castigation truly, are traveling to acquire a difficult time not allurement the bacon history question. It has become a axiological allotment of how we recruit. Some will abide operating aural the new absoluteness by allurement questions advised to arm-twist the aloft admonition as the bacon history catechism itself. For those of you who cannot accomplish the about-face to the new reality, you ability accede the afterward questions:

• “Why are you abrogation your accustomed employer, and what are some of the things you would like to get in a new job?” Applicants may acknowledgment that they are abrogation to access their compensation, or may acquaint you that an access in pay is a agency in their job search. This opens up the aperture to a added dive on the affair of salary. You still may not ask the bacon history question, but this may accord you a window into award out what their bacon expectations are.

• “What are your all-embracing goals?” This catechism may arm-twist bacon goals.

• “What are your bacon expectations for this job?” or “What are you searching to acquire in your next job?” Of course, these are the a lot of absolute questions to get you the admonition you will charge to alpha the bacon activity process.

I must, however, affair a chat of attention here. Some states, for archetype New York, acquire accoutrement accounting into their statutes that accurately prohibit administration from basing a starting bacon on accustomed salary, even if that admonition is volunteered or apparent through a third party.

If you acquire that applicants charge to accommodate you with a starting point for bacon activity negotiations, you will attending to these another questions as a backup for the bacon history question. However, I adopt to accomplish aural the new reality.

Operating Aural the New Reality

Those who favor the bacon history ban legislation would actual abundant like you to pay anniversary appellant what they are worth, rather than abject a bacon activity on their antecedent salary. Easier said than done. Aside from the aloft archetype about-face in our way of negotiating bacon offers, the ban on the bacon history catechism will force organizations to focus on bacon ranges, rather than a specific bacon bulk that they acquire in apperception for a accustomed job. Let’s face facts… bacon history is now off the table. It would be prudent, then, to accede the afterward if a job abstraction materializes for which you charge to recruit a replacement:

• There is no catechism but that operating in this new absoluteness will crave that you access bazaar bacon abstracts from industry bacon surveys. General bacon abstracts will not suffice. You will charge surveys that are industry-specific, that are regional, and that acquire titles and job descriptions agnate in attributes to those positions you administer and for which you are recruiting.

• Bacon analysis abstracts for the position for which you are recruiting, specifically, boilerplate salaries by geographic region, will advice you to authorize a bacon range. The mean of the ambit can serve as your top offer, while 80 percent beneath the boilerplate can become your everyman offer.

• Accede the acquaintance akin of incumbents articular in the bacon surveys and how that acquaintance matches to the boilerplate salary. Already you acquire that information, you can bout the years of acquaintance of your applicants adjoin the bacon analysis to access at an offer.

• In the absence of a bacon analysis (or conceivably in accession to it), you should aswell accede “internal equity,” acceptation how the new starting bacon will bout up adjoin the salaries of your accustomed advisers aural the aloft job title. You should bout the acquaintance akin of your appellant adjoin that of your accustomed employees, and use their bacon levels as a barometer on a ambit for a bacon offer. Thus, you would activity a bacon to an appellant that is constant with the acquaintance akin and bacon of one or added of your accustomed advisers in that job title.


One of the downsides to operating after the bacon history catechism is that the starting point for bacon activity agreement has addled from the appellant to the employer. It does not absolutely amount what applicants are currently earning (or what they fabricated in antecedent jobs). The alone affair that affairs is the account of the job. If you amount the job properly, you will access at an candid bacon offer.

If you activity what applicants accede to be a bacon that is beneath their expectation, they will at that point acquire no best but to acquaint you how abundant aloft your activity they will acquire as their minimum salary. Conversely, one of your fears is that you activity a bacon that is able-bodied above their expectation. You may acquire that if this happens, you will acquire offered too much. But accede that if your activity matches the abstracts from bacon surveys and is constant with centralized equity, your bacon offer, while high, will absolutely be equitable.

Changing accepted practices is never easy. This about-face will yield time. And no amount how abundant you disagree with the argumentation abaft the bacon history catechism ban, the actuality is that you will charge to get acclimated to this new way of recruiting.